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Men’s Reaction's to Woman’s Hair!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Racquel Renee' “Discovering your inner & outer beauty”

Hi Ladies how does your man respond to you after just getting your hair done at the salon? What new look have you chosen for yourself today at the salon? Is it a natural curly style, Relaxer service, avant guard color, short n’ sassy cut, up style, hair extensions or just your same oh same o hairstyle you get every time you visit the salon? So when you walk in the door at home, the office at work, church, or just out at the store. What do men say about you and your new do/???

Do your husband, boyfriend, or significant other tell you it looks good baby? Wow, what have you done to yourself now? Or just says nothing and stares? These are some questions to ask yourself. Am I defined by what type of reaction a man gives me about my hair? Am I going to change it just because he hates it? Am I not able to know what I like for myself? Am I not comfortable in my own skin? Mmm….

So tell me ladies why is it that men like women with straight hair verses curly. Or curly tresses verses straight hair. Well, I have gotten a lot of feedback from women in my salon at Statements Hair Boutique. This is what they had to say.

“Racquel (Roc) when I got my hair colored and Flexi rods with big beautiful curls with you last week in that hot red cinnamon color, the men at work were all on it. I was offered lunch by a few guys. One guy said he wanted to take me out on a date. Roc they loved my naturally curly colored look. The women were hating on me because I was looking hot!”

“Well, when I got to work the next day and everyone saw that I went from a curly tight fro to a feathered straight relaxer style. I got responses by men like what made you change your look? Did you not like how you looked? This really does something for your face. You should keep this lookup. Wow, so what did I look like before? Men are something just because I had a fro for years and I decided to go straight for now does not mean I had a mid- life crisis or anything. I just needed a fresh look for me and not for someone else. Girl I’m not paying those guys any attention that’s why they have so much to say.”

There were so many more responses that I will share in my future blogs. I leave you with this .BE Confident, Be Comfortable, Be Courageous in your own Skin! Your Beauty is defined from within. How you wear your hair is just a surface layer of how you look. No matter what reaction you get from men good or bad, you were your hair in a way that makes you feel good, sexy, and confident.

Beauty & Hair tip of the week is to have healthy hair weather your curly, straight, color treated.

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